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How TV Advertising is sold

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TV Advertising is mainly sold in two ways. CPT and Spot Cost.

The TV Advertising industry has a seemingly complex approach to selling TV Advertising space. But when you break it down, it actually makes sense. It may seem logical initially to buy TV Advertising on a spot by spot basis, but this is almost counter-intuitive to your primary goal, using the TV Advertising medium to build brand exposure.

Discover how TV Advertising works

We’ve explained the main ways TV Advertising Media is sold. Have a read through this page and feel free to contact us with any questions or for a TV Advertising quote.

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    Understanding why audience figures are important

    You want to choose a TV channel that both delivers the biggest possible audience and is affordable within your campaign budget. When you “buy against a CPT”, you are actually only paying the channel for the number of views your TV advert gets.

    A CPT is the Cost you pay per thousand views of your TV Advert. Furthermore, you can be specific over which type of viewing audience you are prepared to pay for. For example, if you sell a product targeted to a female audience, you can choose to only pay for the adult female audience.

    Useful facts about audience based TV Advertising Campaigns

    • Only pay for BARB rated views of your TV Advert.
    • You don't over-pay for TV Advertising space if few people are watching.
    • You can choose to only pay for the TV audience that best matches your target customer.
    • "TV Audiences" are grouped by gender, age, class and house makeup.
    • Each view (Impact in TV Media Buying Jargon) refers to the number of times your TV Advert is seen, not how many people see your TV Advert.
    • Campaign "Reach" is the figure refers to the number of people that saw your TV Commercial.
    • For TV campaigns with larger ad spends, we can often tell you how many people saw your ad 1, 2, 4, or more times (on average).

    Spot based TV Advertising

    A spot campaign is sold against the number of times a TV Commercial is shown. For instance, you could buy 10 showings on a TV Channel at £500 each. The upside to this is that you can predict exactly how many spots you will have in a campaign and when they will run.

    A negative aspect of spot campaigns are that you have no guarantee for the number of BARB rated viewings. So you will still pay £500 for that spot whether a billion people watch it, or even if nobody watches it.

    Most TV channels do not sell against spot campaigns. It is mainly the smaller TV channels that sell this way as many are not BARB Rated.

    How is tv advertising bought

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