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About our TV Advert Production Service

Concept TV excel in the creation of TV Adverts that increase sales and brand awareness. Our affordable TV advert production service is award-winning and benefits from engaging narratives, superb visuals, cutting-edge sound.

Your TV Advert Production, filmed with Cinema grade cameras

We have invested heavily in the most impressive production equipment. Our kit includes the very latest Ultra-High-Defintion 6k Cinema grade cameras and lenses, along with impressive sound, lighting, grip equipment and Post-Production facilities. What more could you want from a TV Creative Agency?

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    Skilled creatives that drive engagement

    Our TV Advert creative service is far more than rolling cameras and filming products. We inspire audiences to want your proposition. Our staff have a rich experience of communication and a persuasive skillset. From the moment your audience watches a Concept Media Group TV Commercial, they want to find out more.

    The art of TV Advert Production

    A TV Advert should should generate positive emotions that become associated with your brand and proposition. A TV advert needs to engage a viewer and drive them to want your proposition. And it needs to do all these things in 30 seconds or less.

    Our Production Team includes communication specialists, creative artists, DOPs, technical crew and talented post-production operatives.

    How long should a TV Advert be?

    The recommended length for a TV Advert is 30 seconds.

    We can fit even the most challenging sales pitches into 30 seconds (and have done!). Any shorter and you need to run a bigger quantity of ads to generate engagement. Any longer, and your audience will lose interest.

    Direct Response or Branding?

    If you want your viewer to pickup their phone as soon as they’ve seen your ad, you want a Direct Response (DRTV) advert. We would usually script your ad to show your target customer engaging with your product or service in an aspirational way. We then add a Call to Action – where we display a web address, phone number or even a QR code with spoken narrative. Call now on 0203 002 92 42 – for instance! DRTV ads are all about hard performance metrics and Return On Investment (ROI). We specialise in this area!

    If you want someone to recall and recognise your brand in the shop – unsurprisingly, you require a branding TV Advert. These are more about showing lifestyle context and are aspirational in their visual quality and storytelling. We would typically create a branding TV Advert where retailer tagging is involved.

    The process of making a TV Advert


    Discovery about you, your proposition and your competitors.

    Creative Workshop

    Discuss ideas, look at claim viability and Script Writing.

    Broadcast Compliance

    We create script supporting claim substantiation.


    Casting Calls, Location, Set and Props, Crewing, Camera Scripts, Call Sheets and other preparations.

    Filming & Production

    Camera crew, presenters and all the magic of filming.

    We create the assets needed to make your TV Advert.


    Editing, colour grading, soundtrack overlay and graphics.

    Compliance Submission

    Your TV Advert and it's supporting docs are submitted for Broadcast Approval.

    Ready to Broadcast

    Once approved, the TV Advert is mastered and sent to the TV Stations.

    Approval before Broadcast

    All UK TV Commercials require Clearcast Approval. They ensure that all TV Commercials aired are legal and honest. We handle Clearcast Substantiation and Clearcast Submission work for the TV Commercials that we produce as well as TV Commercials produced by other businesses and agencies.