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TV Advertising Facts and Figures

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TV Advertising Facts and Figures.

These are a few compelling industry-body backed research statistics that explain why TV Advertising should be part of your marketing mix.

  • TV Advertising costs half a penny
    ...average costs to for you to get one person in the UK to watch your TV Advert.
  • On average, every £1 invested in TV Advertising pays back ROI £1.79 in profit
    ...more than any other type of advertising.
  • TV advertising grows brand awareness faster than any other medium.
    ...Reach national audiences quicker than any digital platform.
  • On average, people spend 39 minutes watching TV whilst using the internet on a mobile device
    ...Increasing the opportunity of an immediate sale when they see your ad.
  • TV Advertising campaigns are exciting engages retailers in your brand and increases opportunity for Retail POS promotions.
  • TV reaches over 85% of the UK population each week
    This reaches over 90% when On-Demand digital services are included.
  • TV reaches over 85% of the UK population each week
    This reaches over 90% when On-Demand digital services are included.

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    Compliance is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

    Most TV Advertising in the UK has to be pre-approved by an authority to protect consumers from rogue advertising claims. Which is why we pre-clear advertising claims before we film your TV Advert. As a result, you save money on re-shooting any time a claim is rejected by Clearcast. We will help identify claims and even conduct research to substantiate them, where possible. We also suggest alternative scripting where claims may need to be adjusted to please the regulators. In short, if you run the entire process with us, its faster, less costly and more likely to succeed (we’ve never had a TV Campaign rejected outright).

    Cheap TV Advertising doesn't have to cost millions to deliver millions...

    We offer a wide range of TV advertising services at a range of pricing. Cheap TV Advertising comes in the form of an affordable TV Advert production and advertising scheduling on low cost TV Channels. In fact, for a few thousand, you can reach exceptionally large audiences in their own homes.

    We offer complete Low Cost TV Advertising Campaigns fully inclusive of your TV Advert Production and TV Media Buying (Advertising Schedule).

    TV Advertising Training Centre

    TV Advertising is sold in one of two ways. You either pay for the number of people watching each ad, or pay per slot. We have put together a fact page which explains more about the TV Media Buying process.

    Want to know more about the performance of TV Advertising?

    Call us on 0203 002 92 42 or use the form on this page. We are always happy to discuss your project and provide more information about how TV Advertising works.