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Infomercial Video Production Services

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Put your product on TV with UK Teleshopping Infomercial Production.

Infomercials are a powerful way to demonstrate the features and benefits of your product. We provide a complete infomercial production service from our television studios or at a chosen location.

Achieve immediate sales with Direct Response Television Advertising

Teleshopping is a type of DRTV (or direct response TV Advertising) which drives immediate sales during broadcasts. You can drive traffic to web sites, generate phone calls and grow the overall public awareness of your brand.

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    Our infomercials increase sales

    Concept TV started in 2004 as an Infomercial Production Company.  Since then, we’ve created thousands of hours of content which has generated millions of pounds in sales across the UK.

    We offer Infomercial production

    We offer a complete infomercial production service from the initial creative development of scripts, through compliance to video production & mastering to broadcaster transfers.

    Promotions drive sales

    Entice your audience with a charismatic presenter

    The average length of a long-form infomercial is 30 minutes

    Spend more time demonstrating your product

    A summary of the infomercial production process

    • Product Workshop & Brief
    • Timelength decision - 1, 2, 5, 15, 30, 60, 120 minutes options.
    • Compliance: Claim Analysis & Substantiation Plan
    • Script Development
    • Actor / Presenter Selection, Location Recce
    • Clearcast Script Submission
    • Filming
    • Post-Production (editing)
    • Mastering
    • Clearcast Master Submission
    • Broadcast Transfers