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From product launches to big-brand alcholic drinks, we undertake every kind of TV Advertising Campaign Management

Our Campaign Managers deal with Broadcast Sales Houses and day-in, day-out. As your TV Advertising Campaign Management agency, we do more than simply buy TV Media. We undertake analysis of competitor campaigns, closely review response data and scrutinise TV Advertising schedules to drive the best possible performance from your campaign.

We tirelessly chase better performance.

Instead of acting like an agency that represents you, we manage your campaigns like they were our own. With take this approach to ensure every penny of campaign money spent is done so to deliver responses. And we aren’t afraid to ask difficult questions or negotiate hard to deliver the best TV Advertising Campaign costs.

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    Big data and performance metrics drive change

    Big data is important. The more information you give us, the more we can do to place your TV advertisements on the right channels at the right times for the right price.

    Strong and healthy relationships with Broadcast Sales Houses deliver the lowest CPT rates

    Our relationships are based on a simple foundation – every order we place is from a substantiated plan. We are not concerned with supplier ‘spend share’. If the broadcaster’s price fails to meet our required pricing level then we simply do not agree the deal. This agressive approach may seem harsh, but every penny you spend with us should be placed in the best possible way. However, we rarely leave the negotiating table without the desired result. Our careful leverage of metrics brings an understanding that satisfies both broadcaster and advertiser needs.

    Contract Concept Media Group to manage your TV Advertising Campaign

    • Choose a company with a client focused approach
    • Metric-based TV Media Buying and negotiation
    • Weekly campaign performance updates
    • Low CPT price for TV Advertising campaigns
    • Increase the efficiency of your adspend
    • Choose an agency that works for you, not the suppliers
    • Agency agreements on commission-return retainers or commission basis

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