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TV Advertising Costs for all television channels in the UK

Our TV Media Buyers have compiled average TV Advertising costs for most TV Channels including ITV, Channel 4, Sky One, Dave and more.

Whilst TV Advertising Costs fluctuate depending on audience ratings, time of day and period of the year, we are able to provide indicative figures to help you understand how TV Advertising is sold, and how much you can expect to pay,

Our Media Specialists have also profiled some useful information about each TV channel. Our TV Channel profiles include a brief description of TV Channel character and content to a summary of genre and programming titles. Where available, we have also compiled viewing audience demographics and identified pricing from the channel’s lowest TV Advertising prices to complete channel saturation / blanket coverage pricing.

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    These are average ratecard prices. We can usually better these and any tv advertising quote you’ve received from any other agency. So use these prices as a rough guide with your initial campaign and budget estimations, then call us to get the best tv advertising costs available.

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