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We deliver a complete Infomercial Teleshopping solution to increase direct sales channel activity.

The UK teleshopping market has grown substantially over the last 15 years. From channels that are dedicated to the broadcast of live teleshopping content, through to mainstream TV channels that show pre-recorded teleshopping infomercials between their own scheduling, we handle every aspect. Increase the performance of your direct sales channel by using a 2-3 month teleshopping campaign.

Achieve immediate sales with Direct Response Television Advertising

Teleshopping is a type of DRTV (or direct response TV Advertising) which drives immediate sales during broadcasts. You can drive traffic to web sites, generate phone calls and grow the overall public awareness of your brand.

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    We offer a complete teleshopping service

    Including long-form Teleshopping Advert Video Production, Compliance, TV Media Buying (airtime).

    Performance metrics to optimise your onward campaign

    The success of a teleshopping campaign is based on the proposition, schedule times and cost of advertising space.

    Our TV Media Buyers carefully the study performance of your campaign using analytic tools to identify schedules that are more likely to deliver the best results.

    Discover more about Teleshopping on Sky Television.

    We produce teleshopping TV adverts

    We can produce both live and pre-recorded long-form teleshopping infomercials, with sales-driving scripts and captivating presenters.

    We produce graphics for teleshopping that increase sales

    Our direct response creatives can create compelling branded graphics overlays to help boost sales.

    Costs for Teleshopping

    Teleshopping costs are determined by the production of your infomercial and the broadcasting schedules. Costs for teleshopping vary from as little as £5,000 for a short run and into the hundreds of thousands for a large-scale multi-channel campaign.

    Some long form multi-channel DRTV campaigns cost £60k per month, with £10k initial investment in your TV Infomercial production.