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Advertise on Channel 5

Those that remember the start of Channel 5 in 1997 will less-fondly remember the extensive re-tuning of their VHS recorders and poor reception quality. You may (or may not) have enjoyed the opening of the channel with by a performance of “Power of Five” – a specially written song by The Spice Girls. Thankfully, those days are long gone and Channel 5 is now a major well-watched UK TV Channel.

We have run many campaigns on Channel 5 as it offers a great way to get TV advertising near the top of the TV programme guide (EPG) for relatively little cost in comparison to ITV and Channel 4.

About Channel 5's TV Programming

Channel 5 has changed ownership a couple of times since it was launched. With it, Channel 5’s programming has also changed and somewhat matured. The channel targets a distinctly adult viewing audience and is relatively unconcerned with large schedules of family viewing. They import programmes such as NCIS and Neighbours (notably this happened when the channel passed into the ownership of the same organisation that owned the soap). Channel 5 also commissions some content, notably shows such as Paul O’Grady and Police Interceptors. When Channel 4 had decided to discontinue Big Brother, Channel 5 stepped in and acquired the show, breathing some new life into it.

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    Information about Channel 5's viewing audience

    Channel 5 confidently and broadly targets an all-adults viewership. Peak viewing is aimed towards the ABC1 Adults audience. Edgy comedy shows such as Michael McIntyre and Miranda Hart attract a good middle to working class audience, or more relevantly, your average consumer.

    How much does it cost to Advertise on Channel 5?

    Channel 5’s TV Advertising space is sold on a cost-per-thousand (CPT) rate. For more information about how TV Advertising space is sold, click here. The figures below are estimates based on previous viewership and average prices.

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    TV advertising on Channel 5

    TV Channel Numbers

    • Freeview : 5, 44 (+1)
    • Sky : 105, 177 (+1)
    • Virgin : 105, 155 (+1)
    • Freesat : 105,128 (+1)

    Estimated Costs

    • Daytime : £600 - £2,300
    • Peak : £2,000 - £6,000

    Example TV Programming

    Quarterly Audience Reach