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Advertise on Dave

“Everyone knows a bloke called Dave”. That was the high-brow thinking behind the renaming of entertainment repeats channel “UKTV G2”. Originally, “G2” stood for UK Gold 2, a TV channel that would run repeats of more recent comedy shows, leaving UKTV Gold to run the more classic sit-com programming.

The re-branding worked and now Dave (the TV Channel!) sits alongside ITV and Sky Living as the most commonly requested TV Channel by our clients when we prepare TV Advertising quotes.

About Dave's TV Programming

Whereas UK Gold 2 only broadcast repeats of predominantly BBC comedy TV shows, with the re-brand to Dave came commissioning for new content. Dave now runs a strong mix of repeats and brand new content. Our TV Media Planners absolutely love watching Dave Gorman’s (the man, not the channel “Modern Life Is Goodish”.

Information about Dave's viewing audience

Young Adult Male. As simple as that. The channel does enjoy a female audience, but it is targeted squarely at a male bias.

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    How much does it cost to Advertise on Dave?

    Dave’s TV Advertising space is sold on a cost-per-thousand (CPT) rate. For more information about how TV Advertising space is sold, click here. The figures below are estimates based on previous viewership and average prices.

    For accurate TV advertising costs, call us now on 0203 002 92 42 or use the contact form at the top of this page.

    Low cost tv advertising on Dave

    TV Channel Numbers

    • Freeview : 12, 84 (+1 "Dave Ja Vu")
    • Sky : 111, 214 (+1 "Dave Ja Vu")
    • Virgin : 128, 129 (+1 "Dave Ja Vu")

    Estimated Costs

    • Daytime : £180 - £650
    • Peak : £500 - £1,500

    Example TV Programming

    Quarterly Audience Reach