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Advertise on ITV 2

In 1998 ITV 2 launched. Aimed squarely at a young adult female audience. The channel has evolved significantly since launch and is commonly recognised as a central part of any of the bigger multi-channel campaigns. With the switchoff of analogue Television, ITV 2 progressively saw an increase in its viewership as the wider public became used to the idea of now always having more that 5 TV channels.

About ITV 2's TV Programming

Judge Judy is a force not to be reckoned with. Repeats of the American court-room reality show continue to attract impressive viewing figures. The show inspired the British take – “Judge Rinder”. ITV 2 switches to a ‘bonus features’ TV station for ITV 1’s peak programming, notably with shows such as Britain’s Got More Talent and The Extra Factor.

Information about ITV 2's viewing audience

Young Adult Female. You can buy Women 16-34 and Housewives with Kids as the channels main audience demographic. Of course, the channel is published to attract ABC1 Socio-Economic Groups, but in reality it also delivers well on all lower groups due to the less-challenging nature of its entertainment content.

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    How much does it cost to Advertise on ITV 2?

    ITV 2’s TV Advertising space is sold on a cost-per-thousand (CPT) rate. For more information about how TV Advertising space is sold, click here. The figures below are estimates based on previous viewership and average prices.

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    TV Advertising on ITV2

    TV Channel Numbers

    • Freeview : 6, 27 (+1)
    • Sky : 118, 180 (+1)
    • Virgin : 115, 116 (+1)
    • Freesat : 113, 114 (+1)

    Estimated Costs

    • Daytime : £300 - £1,000
    • Peak : £950 - £2,500

    Example TV Programming

    Quarterly Audience Reach