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Advertise on ITV

ITV is the biggest commercial TV Broadcaster in the UK. It was formed when the ITV network merged. The ITV network was formerly made up of regional channels with common programming. The channel still shows regional news, but all programming and the channel identity is now singularly ITV. Local TV is now mainly handled by TV channels such as London Live and MADE, etc.

From the perspective of TV Advertising, ITV still stands as the most localised / regional major TV Channel. A local business can advertise in their region or micro-region. The significant benefit of a regional ITV campaign is the opportunity to test TV advertising on a major channel brand without the exceptional cost of national activity. Small local businesses also benefit from appearing to be bigger than they really are, as some viewers may interpret their ITV advertising as being a national campaign.

About ITV TV Programming

ITV runs a mix of general daytime magazine / chat shows and family-friendly evening entertainment. Coronation Street is the TV Channel’s biggest “Soap”.

Information about ITV's viewing audience

There is a very specific split in viewing audience on ITV 1. Daytime TV is squarely aimed at Adult Women, or more accurately Housewives with Kids. Peak time viewing is “targeted” to ABC1 Adults, although the channel attracts strong viewership across most demographics and age ranges, with a predominant lead in households with children.

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    How much does it cost to Advertise on ITV?

    ITV’s TV Advertising space is sold on a cost-per-thousand (CPT) rate. For more information about how TV Advertising space is sold, click here. The figures below are estimates based on previous viewership and average prices.

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    TV advertising on itv

    TV Channel Numbers

    • Freeview : 03, 33 (+1)
    • Sky : 103, 131 (+1)
    • Freesat : 103, 112 (+1)
    • Virgin : 103, 114 (+1)

    Estimated Costs

    • Daytime : £2,500 - £5,000
    • Peak : £9,500 - £50,000+

    Example TV Programming

    Quarterly Audience Reach