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Reach millions of people and increase your sales with TV Advertising

Our television Advertising service can increase sales, boosts brand awareness and engage retailers with your proposition. We are a full service Television Advertising agency for TV Commercial Production and TV Media Buying (Broadcasting).

Choose a TV Advertising Campaign type:

Buy a campaign primarily targeted to customer profiles like Aspiring Families, or Over 50s, or Young People with disposable income.
Or choose a campaign based on your budget.

17 Years Of Creativity

Since 2004:

  • We’ve worked with hundreds of great people.
  • Created thousands of hours of video content.
  • Substantiated thousands of advertising claims on behalf of our clients.
  • Broadcast TV ads and video content across the world.
  • Influenced millions of people in their brand choice and buying decisions.
  • Generated millions of pounds worth of sales across the UK.

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    Our TV Advertising Services at a glance…

    We offer Complete TV Advertising Packages

    Try TV Advertising with ourcomplete TV Advertising Packages. Then grow your TV Campaign into a sustainable part of your marketing mix.

    These packages include the making of your TV Advert and broadcasting on television across the UK (or locally if you prefer).

    TV Advertising costs range from low cost tv advertising to substantial TV campaigns.

    We make TV Adverts

    Our TV Adverts have won awards and helped sell millions of pounds worth of products and services – see our showreel.

    From Creative Ideas, Scripts & Storyboards to filming, editing and mastering, we provide the complete TV Advert Production service.

    Enjoy peace of mind and protect your investment by ensuring your TV Advert complies with UK TV Advertising regulations. Ask us about how we mitigate the challenges and undertake your compliance substantiation research and writing on your behalf.

    Discover more about our TV Advert Production Service.

    We run national TV Advertising campaigns

    Since 2004, we’ve planned, bought and broadcast TV Adverts across the UK. Millions of people have seen and engaged with campaigns we have organised. Our experts negotiate not only the best prices, but also use targeting and analytics tools to grow our TV Advertising campaigns.

    We’re an impartial agency – meaning we won’t try and offload annual commitments on to you. Our motivation is finding a long term campaign that works for you.

    For current examples of how TV Advertising performs, see TV Advertising Case Studies.

    We run local TV Advertising campaigns

    For campaigns with a local focus, there are multiple ways we can run your TV Advertising in your locality.

    Traditionally, you can buy local TV Advertising on TV channels with regional TV transmitters, such as regional ITV or on dedicated local TV Channels such as London Live.

    Advances in digital technology mean we can now also run your TV Advertising on targeted sky TV boxes with Sky Adsmart. This technology not only allow us to run regionally, but we can also set very specific target audience profiles.

    We run teleshopping campaigns

    Aside from 30 second TV Adverts, we offer a long-form Teleshopping Infomercial Production Service.

    Once your teleshopping infomercial is filmed and cleared, we can buy Longform TV Advertising Space on national television channels for your campaign. Our analysts use analytics intelligence tools to monitor sales performance and optimise the ongoing campaign.

    We can even stream live teleshopping presentations day or night from our television studios to platforms like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and more.

    You could advertise on these TV Channels and more…

    TV advertising on itv
    advertise on channel 4
    TV advertising on Channel 5
    TV Advertising on ITV2
    Low cost tv advertising on Dave
    low cost tv advertising on more4
    Low cost tv advertising on e4
    Sky Adsmart
    film4 tv media buying
    Advertise on ITV3
    Advertise on ITV4

    Other services by Concept Media Group

    Did you know we’re part of a series of customer centres offering Video Production, Studio Hire, Live Streaming and TV Advertising? Take a look at Concept Media Group’s website to discover more…